Several months ago I had to find a new counseling office space for my therapy practice (Middle Tennessee Counseling). The problem was that I had just over 3 days to do this. Impossible? No, but very very difficult in such a short amount of time. I wanted to stay in the same area that I had been practicing, which limited my options even more. As I began searching, it was clear to me that asking colleagues and “word of mouth” space referrals would only get me so far. Sure there are a lot of counselors and office space in the area, but not a lot of resources to put these two together.

Due to my time constraints, I settled for a temporary space in a very corporate building that was not a great fit for me or my clients. Though it served the basic needs, it was clear there had to be a better way at finding good space.

For those of us in the wellness profession (massage therapists, counselors, doctors, dietitians, and others), our office space is a vital aspect of the services we provide clients. Our space communicates many messages to those that come through our doors. It can provide a welcoming atmosphere, extoll our professionalism, and begins to shape the work we will do with our clients. When we get the space to be a great fit, it frees us up to do the work we are passionate to do.

WellnessOfficeSpace.com is the central place to list or to find a counseling office space, or other professional wellness space. Whether you need to do this in 3 days, 3 weeks, or in 3 months, this site will connect you with like-minded professionals to better serve your clients.

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Be well,
Samuel Rainey